Can I Receive the Pell Grant and GI Bill?

NOTE: Please read the comments after reading this post. Some people have had different experiences than I’ve had, and they’ve kindly shared their experiences below.

The short answer is: Yes, it is possible, it is legal, it is not “frowned upon” to receive the Pell Grant and GI Bill (I thought it would be “frowned upon” when I first heard of this idea… maybe you don’t have those thoughts).  But please read on, because not everybody qualifies for the Pell Grant.

I am currently receiving the Pell Grant and GI Bill benefits, and I know of at least one other person who goes to my college who does the same thing.  I do not have a job, so receiving both benefits definitely helps.

Who Qualifies to use the Pell Grant?

Please refer to the Federal Pell Grant Program website.  Dont worry, this is a very good website with a lot of good information.  It’s easy to find what you’re looking for there.

One thing is for certain, first you must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).

How Much Can I Get From the Pell Grant?

The Pell Grant offers up to $5,550 per year, if you’re attending school full time.  The first time I applied (in October 2012) I was eligible for, and received, the full $5,550 (in two separate payments).

It is important to note that I said UP TO $5,550.  Each individual circumstance will vary.  You may or may not qualify for the full amount, depending on things such as:

  • If/where you work and how much you are paid
  • Who you live with/How many people you live with
  • Basically any method which assists your ability to sustain your life could affect your Pell Grant eligibility (living with a buddy in an apartment would be a benefit over living by yourself, since you can split the cost of rent and other bills)

In Conclusion

It definitely is possible to receive the Pell Grant and GI Bill at the same time, but don’t assume you can get both.  The Pell Grant is a need-based grant that does not have to be paid back.

The first time I applied in October 2012, I was living with my brother, sharing rent in a modular home.  I had no job, I was paying off an auto loan and a personal loan, and I qualified for the full $5,550.

What is Your Experience with the Pell Grant and GI Bill Combo?

Please share your experiences with us in the comments, so others can gain from your experiences.

Update: September 13, 2013 – If Your College Pays Your Tuition With Your Pell Grant Money Before The VA Pays Them – READ THIS

A user by the name of Octagonaway from the Terminal Lance Forums has directed me to a very useful document.  The document is the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs School Certifying Official Handbook.

There is a specific excerpt that states how schools are supposed to handle reporting tuition to VA.  Here is the excerpt:

Effective August 1, 2011 – Tuition & Fees
Public Law 111-377 changes the amount of tuition and fee charges that should be reported to VA. For periods of enrollment beginning on or after August 1, 2011, you should report the following charges:

The actual net cost for in-state tuition and fees assessed by the institution for the program of education after the application of any waiver of, or reduction in, tuition and fees; and any scholarship, or other Federal, State, institutional or employer-based aid or assistance (excluding loans and title IV funds) that is provided directly to the institution and specifically designated for the sole purpose of defraying tuition and fees.

Example: Student gross in-state charges $4,000
Veteran Discount – 400
Tuition Scholarship -2,000
Title IV (ex. Pell Grant) * 2,500
General Scholarship* 1,000

Net In-State Charges $1,600
* Denotes to exclude calculating net cost

Aid or assistance that is designated for the sole purpose of reducing a student’s tuition and fee cost should be deducted from the net in-state charges reported to VA.

In the above example the student also has a $1,000 scholarship from a local Veterans Service Organization. The scholarship is general in nature and may be used to defray school costs such as food, housing, books, etc. Since it’s not “specifically designated for the sole purpose of defraying tuition and fees, “it is not deducted from the charges submitted to VA.
Only in-state charges should be reported in the Tuition Amount and Fee Amount fields. Any additional out-of-state net charges should be reported in the Out of State Charges field if a contribution is being made under the Yellow Ribbon Program.

From the above excerpt, you can see that the funds awarded for the Pell Grant should NOT be considered when reporting tuition to the VA.

It even states the Pell Grant as a specific example.

What Can You Do With This Information?

It may be beneficial to contact your VA office (their number should be on the statement of benefits you receive from them in the mail) and let them know, if your school is automatically applying your GI Bill funds to your tuition.  The GI Bill is NOT a fund that SPECIFICALLY reduces tuition.  It is a general fund that can also be used to offset personal food, books and other necessities.

I cannot guarantee anything.  I am just presenting you with this information.  The path you take is really up to you.

What Next?

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About Eric

I'm a Marine Corps Veteran utilizing the Post 9/11 GI Bill to pay for college. My EAS was in February of 2012. I have been attending college full time since then, and have been living on only the MHA. If you have any questions about my experiences, please feel free to email me. Others may have similar questions.


  1. Joseph says:

    I attend an institute and receive 100% of my GI bill. I qualified for the max of 5500, but when talking to a financial aid advisor, they said it was double dipping and they would send the amount back. I’m confused as why my other veteran buddies receive the amount and I don’t. I also do not work so the amount would come in handy for my child and myself.

    • you need to file a financial appeal with your educational institutions financial aid office if this happens i swear if you do. you will retain the full 5500 dollars if you are going to school full time with no assistance and if you apply for financial aid before march i was awarded a full pell and it was all i had to do

    • The IDIOTS who work in your colleges Financial Aid department are totally wrong. I work for a college with over 1400 veterans/dependents/active duty using the 8 different GI Bill programs and we tell every student to apply for Pell Grants. Pell Grants are multi-purpose funds and can be used with the Post 9/11 GI Bill and the VA will tell your school this. Have them READ Page 44 of the School Certifying Officials Handbook. The ONLY scholarships/grants that are to be deducted from tuition/fee charges before being reported to VA for payment to the school are those that are specificly restricted to only being used to pay tuition and/or fees

  2. Thanks for commenting! That is odd that they took that stance. Our GI Bill benefits are something we earned and is not a college loan or grant. I have talked to several other veterans where I attend school who also receive both. I’ve even talked to people that go to other local colleges that receive both. The Pell Grant is a need-based grant that takes income into consideration. They definitely should not be denying you that money. I would contact your VA office, maybe they could provide some official input. It may just come down to what each Financial Aid Officer’s view is. If you end up fighting this decision, please come back and share what happens.

  3. Joseph says:

    So by Financial aid person view, you mean they can determine themselves if I should receive it? Me and and a fellow military member are heading to the schools VA advisor to clear this matter.

  4. I believe the Financial Aid Officer at each school are the ones who actually approve or deny the Pell Grant. The application goes to them when you submit it. So ultimately, they are the ones who have the final say. Talking to the VA Advisor would be a great idea. If that does not work, it may even be worth writing a letter to your Congressman. The Pell Grant should only be affected if you are receiving other grants. You are not though, the GI Bill is a military benefit and is definitely NOT a grant. Please share what comes of this, in any case. This is an experience that is worth sharing with our fellow veterans. I’m sure this happens to more people.

  5. Joseph says:

    When I registered with the school they had me sign for a pell grant, to which I was accepted. The financial department used 2500 of it to cover my first month since the GI Bill pays after your first month. I was originally told the overage would be sent to me upon completion of my course. I called some time after to reverify and was told since all the government cuts the new policy was to send it back and no military people from 2013 would receive the pell anymore. Is there some shadyness going on?

  6. That explanation actually makes sense. I applied for the Pell Grant for 2013, but still have not heard anything about it yet. I figured since I just got it late for 2012 that maybe I wouldn’t see the 2013 payments until the fall semester this year. This makes me want to dig more into it. I may have to write a new post.

    It’s weird to me that they used your initial 2500 to pay for your classes. Even when I started they didn’t have to do that. The GI Bill paid for everything for me right from the get-go. However, I always make sure to register for my classes as soon as I possibly can. Right when the online registration opens I register on day one and then give the VA rep at the school my statement of intent. It takes a while for the VA stuff to be processed so the school can recieve their payment.

  7. Joseph says:

    Went to the VA at my Institute and was assured I was to recieve my pell grant. Good thing I stopped by instead of just taking things as is. Thanks for letting me vent.

  8. That’s great! It’s frustrating when you’re getting the run around. I’m glad you got it all sorted out. Please post here if/when you actually get it.

  9. I have a question that I’m hoping you could answer. Once you’ve enrolled for classes and filled out the paperwork with the VA rep for the semester(s) in question, will the gi bill pay your tuition first even if you have already accepted a pell grant?
    My specific example; I am enrolled for Fall 2013 semester (full time) and was recently approved for several grants. If I accept these now, will the gi bill still cover all of my tuition when it comes due in august? I want to make sure that I use the gi bill to cover my tuition and get the grants disbursed to me.

    • The only benefits I can speak of from personal experience are the GI Bill and Pell Grant. Those are the only two I know of, even from other people, that work together. The GI Bill will definitely apply and will pay for your classes. However, depending which other grants you have been accepted for, your GI Bill may cancel your eligibility for those. You may even have to pay those back once you begin receiving the GI Bill benefits. Remember, I’m only guessing. Your best bet would be to talk to your VA Rep at the school you are attending. It’s possible you may even get the run around between your VA Rep and Financial Aid Officer.

      If you do find out, I would appreciate if you could fill us in here about what ultimately happens. I’m sure many others could benefit from additional grants as well (including myself, if it’s possible).

      Thanks for the comment!

      • Here is the statement I got from the financial aid office:

        “The grants will automatically go to your student bill and cover any additional charges on your account, once those are covered you will receive a refund so that you can use that money for other educational costs that may not be on your bill, i.e. books, housing, transportation, etc.”

      • And here is what the VA clerk at my university said:

        “After the ‘grants’ are applied, the POST 9/11 will also be applied for your tuition and fees.
        Any result in an over payment should create a refund directly to you from Student Accounts.”

  10. The responses were a little ambiguous, so I asked the VA clerk; “The ‘grants’ don’t affect the amount of POST 9/11 tuition and fees benefits I receive then?”

    To which I received the response; “That’s right. Grants are basically ignored by the VA.”

  11. That is excellent information. Thank you!

  12. Zach Bernard says:

    Hey great info on the site, I just had a question cause I can’t find a straight answer anywhere. My question is I read that the post 9/11 gi bill is no longer the “last payer”, because I had read that any federal aid gets used first, then gi bill covers the slack? I’ve found answers that says it does and answers that says it does. I’m asking because a recent turn of events has left me car less and I was hoping the 9/11 bill would cover all tuition and fees, then get cut the balance for my pell grant. Any insight would be appreciated

    • When I received the Pell Grant, it was after the GI Bill paid the tuition and my BAH. So I received $5500 in my bank account (in two separate payments) from the Pell Grant and my tuition was already paid by the GI Bill. I have heard a lot of talk about changes to how these two benefits work together, but so far have not seen any credible information or solid evidence that anything has changed.

      If anyone has experienced this situation where the Pell Grant is sucked up first to pay tuition, then the GI Bill picks up the slack, please share your experience! I can’t receive the Pell Grant again until Fall Semester 2013, so once I go through that process and receive the money I will make sure to write a post about the process that I go through.

      • So I applied for the pell grant kinda late for 2013 but I did got approve for $5645. I am also using post 911 GI bill. They paid for all my courses already but my question is why would the financial aid office only refund me $1882 instead of the whole $5645? I know the summer spring and fall term of 2013 has pass but I was taking 15 units all that time. And on my report it said I was getting $1882 for spring 2013 and $1881 but I never got it. I only got $1882 for winter term. My question is what happens to $3763 that’s supposedly paid to me?? This is my first time being on financial aid and post 911 at the same time.

    • Then the web site you read that on is completely wrong. The Law changed 1 August 2011 which made VA the Last Payer of Tuition/Fees to the school. There have been no other changes to this part of the Law.

  13. Jerry Strand says:

    I’m going to school full time and so far, the GI Bill will be covering my full tuition for the Fall semester this year. I’ve recieved the Federal Pell Grant and on top of that, I’ve recieved a College Attainment grant of an addition $5900. I haven’t spoken to the Finacial Aid office about this new grant, but it seems my income has qualified me for that grant as well. Hopefully they are both refunded to me to help offset the other fees, books, supplies, bills, housing costs… I’ll keep you guys posted if anything does/doesn’t pan out when disbursement rolls around next month. :)

    • Awesome! I have been approved for the GI Bill, Pell Grant and some other college fund for Fall 2013 as well, but my college fund award is $300. I also have not been awarded the full $5500 from the Pell Grant (I did in the past, so I’m not sure why I’m not now). In the past, the Pell Grant was used to help me with my other bills. However, some people have been reporting that they were expected to pay their tuition with their Pell Grant money before the GI Bill will pay. I’m not 100% sure how this is going to work this fall semester yet. I’ll make sure to share when I have a solid answer. Thanks for the info, Jerry!

      • Jerry Strand says:

        Hey Everyone!!!

        Just wanted to update you on the status of my Pell Grant/ College Attainment Grant! Fortunately, Arizona State University Financial Aid Office does things right and I recieved my full award for this semester (a little under 5000) as a refund! That takes so much off my mind for bills and other commitments! Hope everyone else using the GI Bill and is waiting for refunds gets similar news!!! God bless and have a great week! :D

        • That’s great news! Thanks for sharing. I’ve been approved for the Pell Grant again as well, but I’m gonna wait until my classes are actually paid for and I have money in my account before I say any more.

  14. Bill Berry says:

    I would like someone to explain to me why a service member should be allowed to qualify for a Pell grant and receive Post-911 benefits that include a spouse GI benefit and BAH? I have one stepson who went to college straight out high school and is single and has no children. My other stepson, God bless him, I insisted he invest the money into the GI Bill and him and his wife are reaping the rewards of it to include BAH. I am perfectly okay with this! What I am not okay with is that should be it. Having a child is a choice which single service members and civilians should not be made to pay in for. It’s not fair for one of my kids to be made to pay back every cent of a student loan for his schooling and the other gets a free ride (which I’m fine with) but between his BAH (while in school only) and his Pell Grant is a total that exceeds my third step child working 40 hours a week making minimum wage after deductions. I want someone to explain to me how a system rewards having a child and penalizes those who do not?

    • Thank you for your question, Bill. I’m not 100% sure I understand but I’ll try my best to answer. I apologize if this does not answer your question.

      The GI Bill is a benefit for Veterans who have served in the military. Rather or not a Veteran has a child does not affect their access to the benefit. I cannot answer that for the Pell Grant, as I do not have a child but I did qualify for it. The Pell Grant has nothing to do with military Veterans specifically. It’s another grant that even non-Veterans can qualify for. If one of your sons was denied the Pell Grant because he has a child, that may be a question to ask about via their website. I’m not sure what you mean about investing in the GI Bill, as the only way you can receive that benefit is by serving in the military. That is a benefit that must be earned, it cannot be bought. It is possible for a military Veteran to transfer his GI Bill benefits to an immediate family member, provided that is done while he or she is still on Active Duty status. I hope this addresses your concerns. I apologize again if it does not help.

  15. Hello!

    I am an Army veteran and have just applied for the Pell Grant this year. My husband and I both work and have no children so I only was able to receive $1,795 for the Pell Grant. We reside in Missouri and they have what is called a Missouri Access Award which I qualified for as well totaling $2,350. My university spilt up the financial aid and then combined $451 from my Pell Grant to pay for my upcoming Fall I and II semesters along with $1,175 from the access grant. They did this again for next years Spring I and Spring II semesters and did not just give me the lump sum I was granted which was $4 ,145 total. Instead they divided the total amount over all 4 of the semesters. I registered a month and a half before classes started and it was confirmed by my university on the 8th of last month then the VA reps let me know via email they had sent off my enrollment verification on the 2nd of this month. When I checked my tuition and fee’s statement for my university they had taken $1, 623 (Pell $451+$448 and Missouri $1,175) and put it towards my tuition balance before the VA could even pay it. The VA pays my tuition in full using the Post 9-11 GI Bill so I hope they pay it in full and once they do the money from Pell Grant and Missouri Award that was used is then direct deposited into my checking account. I have emailed our financial aid department at my university and am waiting for a response to see what they say about all of this!

  16. Yes, Pell and other grants and scholarships are split over the enrollment semesters and Never paid in a lump sum. Otherwise we would have people signing up, getting the money, then dropping out of college (it used to happen a lot). Your school will release the Financial Aid money help to pay your Tuition/Fees once the VA pays the school. My school does the same as there is no way for our school to know you still have remaining entitlements to the GI Bill each semester.

  17. Hey all! Here’s the deal… I am a Marine Veteran using the Post 9/11 at 100% benefits, attending the University of Arkansas. I applied for Pell and Loans. Got awarded full amount of Pell. Classes began 26 August. I received payment via direct deposit of Pell and Loans totaling $4k. The school graciously paid themselves (my tuition) before refunding me that remaining amount. My question (like everyone else) is will I get a payment forwarded to me by the VA for the amount of my tuition? In Marine terms: Since these clowns at the school paid my f*****g tuition, not the VA, will the idiots at the VA realize this and NOT send me that check they were gunna send to the school? Or will they be oh so kind as to just give me the check for tuition, since the jacka**es at the school paid my tuition before the VA could. Basically there is a tuition check floating around with my name on it, but i want to make sure its mine as my tuition was already paid by the OTHER awesome part of the government. Make sense? Let me know. Yut.

    • It seems as though some schools are messing up the order of operations. How it definitely SHOULD happen is the VA pays your tuition and the Pell Grant goes directly to you. I highly doubt the VA is going to send you a check for the amount that SHOULD be going to the school. You should contact the financial department of your school to find out what their plan is once they receive that money from VA. If they try to tell you it’s “double-dipping” or anything like that, then I would give the VA Regional Office a call. Maybe they can have a chat with your school. I don’t really know who the “ultimate authority” is on this decision. It seems as though some schools think differently than others, unfortunately. Just talk with your schools financial department and ask them how they plan on handling that situation. Please let us know what happens, if that’s the route you take.

    • Same issue as you. Pell grant paid my tuition before the VA could and now the school may be the ones double dipping.

      • nicole maxwell says:

        we all are basically having the same issue :( Fafsa awarded the full amount of like 5500 for year. I deferred a payment with the VA to pay the full tuition of almost 5000. Well Fafsa kicked in first….so now it saying the total amount due is little under 2000. So will the VA still pay the full tuition of almost 5000 or just the 2000 left? Will I get the Fafsa I was awarded back? so confused :(

        • You may want to check with your financial aid department to make sure. In my case, the VA doesn’t usually pay the school until few weeks into the semester. That balance sits there and makes me so nervous every semester. But they always pay it. Just make sure you talk to your financial aid department to make sure that’s what is happening, if that is what’s happening. I was awarded the Pell Grant for this semester, as well as the VA and some sort of school TA grant. My balance is still sitting there waiting to be paid (a week into the semester) right now. But in the 4 semesters (this is the 5th) that I’ve been going to school, it has always worked like this for me. I’m still waiting for my Pell Grant money as well. When my Winter semester started this past January, I didn’t get the Pell Grant money until a month into the semester. So I’m expecting the Pell Grant to come in at the end of this month.

  18. I need to know if the VA has not paid my tuition yet but I applied for the Pell Grant and the college automatically took it from me towards my tuition balance, can I get that money back in my pocket some how? Or did I just get F’d by the system and saved the VA money they would have had to pay towards my tuition bil??

    • Andrew, it appears to be different on a school-by-school basis. Your best bet would be to ask your school’s financial department how that will handle that.

      Many people seem to be having this problem. I wonder if it would be worth filling out the FAFSA form AFTER the VA has already paid your tuition. I know it’s too late for that in your particular situation. But for others reading this, for future reference this may be an option. This is how I did it the first time I requested financial aid via FAFSA. I didn’t even know I could do that, so when I found out (in late October) I then filled out FAFSA and was approved for the Pell Grant, then I received the full amount.

      For anyone reading this right now, if you are having this same issue, please contact your school’s Financial aid department. A lot of people are having different outcomes, depending on what school you attend. So I, and anyone else that comes to this blog, cannot accurately answer your question about how you can handle this situation at your individual school. The best source of information in this situation is the source itself, which is your school’s financial aid department. I can only speak from my own personal experiences.

  19. For anyone having issues with their school paying their tuition with the Pell Grant Funds BEFORE reporting to the VA, please read the updates I have made today to the article above. There is very useful, important information I have added that may be able to help you.

  20. awesome sauce says:

    You most definitely can do this. It may take some trickery though depending on your school. YOU ARE ALLOWED TO GET PELL GRANTS!

    I have gotten both pell grants, scholarships, and additional loans if i so desired. Here is the trick. You need to fill out your fafsa as soon as possible for the year. If you are living on just GI Bill or GI BIll with a min wage job you will be good to qualify for aid. So step one is fill out fafsa and submit online to school.

    Next, get all your gi bill stuff in order, register, get confirmation that your stuff is submitted to the VA. Here is where the colleges will try and trick you. If they have a yellow ribbon program, they would rather get YOUR pell grant than actually cover the tuition like they advertise. To combat this dastardly maneuver, wait until you see the VA has paid the school and then hassle the business office or financial aid until the yellow ribbon money is applied. You should have just book store credit(if you used it) or random charges(parking pass/meal plans) on your bill. Next, go to financial aid and say you need to check the status of your financial aid. They will bring up all your info and usually, unless you made a bunch of money, or spouse is pulling in the dough, you will be approved for a pell grant and federal loans. You can get these at any time during the school year and it can be a godsend when you are going through the “holiday break” months. You can always get more financial aid any time during the semester.

    You can also refuse to accept it after the fact. Go to the financial aid office and refuse aid if they are screwing you and then follow the above instructions. TA always comes in faster than GI benefits, so even though it may say that it took the money out on your bill, they still are paid per credit hour from the VA, so once the schools get the payment, you should see your account go into the black and you can then request a draw check.

    Yes. It is a pain. But an extra 3k a semester is worth it.

  21. I just received my Pell Grant for the Fall 2013 semester. Just like many others here, they deducted my tuition from it. I questioned my schools financial department, and they said the money they received from the VA is going to be refunded. So I still received the Pell Grant, but it was applied before the VA. It seems as though this is the way it is. So many people are going through this same situation. Honestly, a partial Pell Grant is still better than nothing.

    • UPDATE: I was informed by the financial aid department that my tuition that was taken from the Pell Grant will be refunded to ME, and NOT to the VA. Apparently, the only reason they took the money from my Pell Grant to pay for tuition was because there was a $1 hold on my VA that hadn’t been approved for the full amount yet. They then received the payment from VA. They said the tuition will be refunded to ME in the coming weeks. We’ll see. :)

  22. Jentrie Hagi says:

    Hi! Thanks for this post, it has answered majority of my questions :) I was just wondering if there was another update. I was just recently approved for the Pell grant for the full amount and saw that it was applied to my tuition costs before my GI Bill. I understand that the money will be refunded to me once the VA payment hits, but WHEN will I see that refund? The term starts on Oct 20th and I am not holding my breath expecting it to come before the end of November. Could I be looking at a sooner date? Or is that up to my school?

    • The answer seems to vary, school by school. I would not assume you’re going to get a refund. Your best bet would be to check with your school to be sure. When I talked to my school, it did not seem like a guarantee I was getting a refund until I talked to them. Just judging by how the conversation went, it seemed like they were like “oh… sorry… that was our bad… we’ll send you a refund.” That’s not what they said exactly, but that’s the feeling I got.

  23. Im using the gi bill and my school did something “shady” with the pell grant. I was awarded 2300 from the pell, but they kept 1000$ of it to pay tuition costs even though the gi bill covers all tuition. The really odd part is in the billing they charged me in advanced so my acount would go negative letting them use the pell grant to balence it out. It pretty much goes negative every month before the va cuts them a check any way. This legal?

  24. Eric, have you received your check from the school yet for your refund?

  25. I just applied for my pell grant. One month after school started. My post 9/11 already paid for my schooling. The financial aid lady insited that i still apply. I receieved an email from the website saying it has been processed and sent to the school. What is the next step i should take ? Do i need to go to the financial aid office and find the next steps ? How do they get my banking info to send me the money if there is any ?

  26. Hey this isn’t exactly related to the pell grant buy I was wondering if you knew:

    Are you supposed to put the Monthly Housing Allowance you receive as part of the post 9/11 gi bill anywhere on the FAFSA?



    • You do not. It is a monthly payment that is directly related to your GI Bill. Therefore it is not taxable and not reported on your FASFA

  27. So I graduated before and went back to my same college. and they gave me a pell grant and I had enough VA Benefits left and told me that “My financial aid and post 9/11 exceeded the tuition” so I get a stipend. well do I have to submit the 1098-T to IRS as taxes? and also under box 5 they put an outrageous amount 11K as grants and scholarships and my tuition -box 2 was 5k. basically they put a whole year when I only was in school for 2-4months in 2013. its tough because I am told I owe taxes now 870 dollars . stressed beyond belief.

  28. bad thing is I haven’t seen any refund from the school. and I am still being charged taxes on the full amount instead of 2-4 months amount.

  29. I attend a career school that has programs for certifications. I used my post 9-11 GI bill to pay my tuition for my program that started in Jan. 2013. I still attend. I applied on FAFSA website for aid for the 2013 year. My application was submitted and processed and made available to the school. The email I received from FAFSA told me I was eligible for $5645 and to now contact my schools financial aid office. I met with her and she told me that “Your tuition is paid for by the GI bill so there is nothing for the Pell Grant to apply too”. I said it was my understanding that because I qualify for the grant and tuition is paid the grant should be refunded to me for other school expenses. She said because its a Tech school there are different rules for how Pell grant works and because the school has no room and board or living expense fees the grant doesn’t apply. At one point in our meeting she asked me “Well, what do you need that money for?” I thought that was very strange. I explained that there was a cap on the amount of money the GI bill pays for school and if I applied the grant before I used my GI bill if that would make a difference? She said she would get back to me. Does this sound accurate? From what I am reading on here I don’t think what she is telling me is correct. Please help me I am very confused. Thank you.

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